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HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts): HEMA is a discipline of historical fencing that focuses on the study and application of the martial traditions of medieval and modern Europe. Our main discipline is longsword, where our teaching is mainly based on the Liechtenauer and Fiore traditions. We also do a wide variety of weapons such as rapier and sabre.  This versatile sport includes both individual and pair training, which develops both physical and strategic skills.

Winter season 

Kuokkalan Graniitti, dance hall 

Summer season

Viitaniemen Archery range – taidepolku 3-5, Jyväskylä 


Traditional archery is an intuitive and natural way to shoot a bow. It is as much a skill as an art, where the shooter focuses more on feel and instinctive aim than on aim. This sport develops accuracy, concentration and overall body control.

Winter season 

Kuokkalan Graniitti, archery range 

Summer season 

Viitaniemen archery range - Taidepolku 3-5, Jyväskylä


This sport draws its inspiration from a number of historical sources and traditions, such as the teachings of Hans Talhoffer. Wrestling is not only a physical sport, but also a strategic and tactical one, where wrestlers learn to read and react to their opponent's movements. It is a sport that develops a wide range of physical attributes such as strength, flexibility and body control. At the same time, it offers a fascinating look at historical martial arts and their application today.

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Those interested in the group can explore it’s activities and participate in training for free during a two week trial period (not applicable to basic courses). Please notify by email or contact form before the first training so the instructor can prepare for your arrival. 

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Archery and fencing basic courses are organized in autumn and spring. It is recommended that you express your interest in advance through the contact form, so that we can organize and offer beginner courses often enough! 

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